A huge congratulations to all of those who ran the Berlin Marathon in aid of Unite Against Cancer this year!

Once again the runners were blessed with good weather, and all of the UAC participants completed the event well within the allotted time.

Thank you to everyone who supported the runners, and to those who kindly donated to their just giving fundraising campaigns.


Every penny donated goes directly towards funding research and educating and informing on cancer prevention! Our charity is just over two and a half years old and already we have funded a Masters Scholarship in Cancer Sciences at the University of Glasgow. This is entirely down to all of our supporters who have donated to our charity and supported us thus far. We hope that by engaging with our followers and illustrating that their support is in fact making a huge difference we can continue to grow our following and make an even larger impact in the global battle against cancer.

Let’s Unite Against Cancer and beat this disease once and for all!